Best Crypto Casinos

Over the last ten years, crypto casinos have come along a long way. They're no longer considered to be shady and dismissed by serious players are a passing fad or scam. Today, crypto casinos are more popular than their fiat currency counterparts. By far the most popular online crypto wagers are Bitcoin gambling. However these days Bitcoin is not the only crypto-currency being gambled in the online casino.

In fact, today there are a growing number of crypto-gambling currencies and you'd be surprised how many online casinos support crypto deposits and crypto cash-out. In this article we detailed a list of our favourite crypto-casinos, their features as well as the basics of crypto-gambling, with introductions to some of the basics, including crypto currency exchanges, crypto wallets, and important security tips.

This article aims to demystify crypto currency casinos. Pretty soon you'll see that they're the same as a any other online casino, just with a different deposit and withdrawal method. For many years, the idea of 100% digital money, scared me, the many wallet options, and scam horror stories, and few places which would accept Bitcoin was enough to put most people off owning Bitcoin, myself including. Thankfully, those days are over and crypto-currency.




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How to Evaluate a Crypto Casino? Again, there’s no real difference to picking a traditional, fiat currency casino. Obviously, the most important consideration is the crypto-currencies supported as well as your preferred deposit and withdrawal method. Just evaluate based on whatever is important to you: available in your country, welcome bonus, customer support, slot games, live casino etc. In addition to deposit and withdrawal methods supporting your preferred crypto the most important considerations for a solid crypto-currency casino include:-

  • License, regulator, and trust - as with a fiat currency online casino, trust and reliability in your geographic region is still one of the most important considerations when picking any online casino, and crypto-casinos are no different.
  • Provably fair games - this is a unique concept, introduced by the blockchain technology. A game can be considered provably fair if there exists a mechanism to allow transparency to verify the fairness of the game. The ‘provably fair’ concept appeared in cryptocurrency casinos, lotteries and other blockchain online games.
  • Near-Instant deposits and withdrawals - one of the design features of crypto-currency is they enable peer-to-peer transactions which don’t rely on a bank as a middle man. This means your deposits and withdrawals should be near-instant, depending on the limitations of the blockchain, also there should be a close-to-negligible transaction fee.
  • Ease of use - crypto-casinos have improved their ease of use over the last decade. Everything from deposit, withdrawal and wagers should be easy, fast, and not require the player to become a problem solver. Often players who are new to crypto may be apprehensive when they first use a crypto-casino but that is natural with any new endeavour.

Jumping Into Your First Crypto-Casino

If you’re a newcomer to crypto-currency casinos, assuming you already own crypto, most modern crypto-casinos will take you by the hand and help you make your first deposit a very smooth process. Most crypto casinos provide seamless and instant deposits and you can be playing your favourite games immediately. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and many other emerging alt-coin casinos offer very attractive welcome bonuses and given the rate at which new crypto-casinos and entering the market means that you, the player will benefit from the healthy competition as the increasing number of iGaming options Many of our favourite Bitcoin / Crypto casinos offer massive selections of games with exclusive bonuses, free spins and promotions. You’ll soon see why Bitcoin casinos are becoming some of our favourite online casinos here at Flashbitch.

Welcome Bonus & Free Spins: Up to 5 BTC

As BTC continues to gain value, Bitcoin casino welcome bonuses grow to insane numbers. This results in BTC casinos attracting more and more VIP high-rollers and this is just the initial sign up bonus, you can expect many more offers, promotions and bonuses long after you’ve registered. Some bonus examples include cash back promotions, free spins and offers specific to the slot game. While I’m talking in terms of Bitcoin, you can interchange BTC for any supported alt-coin and expect to use other denominations interchangeably. Crypto bonuses are huge and with so much money changing hands in casinos, you need to make sure your dealing with a trusted casino. We at FlashBitch scour the web and constantly update out rankings and ratings and list top tens by currency denomination.

Play-through and Wagering Requirements

As we’ve reiterated a few times by now, 5 BTC is a huge amount of money. You should check the play-through requirements in the terms of service. The T&C’s vary from casino to casino so you should read the terms of the bonus carefully. As with regular online casinos, crypto casinos provide details T&Cs so make sure you’re fully aware of the specific play-through requirements. You won’t be able to withdraw until the play-through requirements are met.

Crypto Casino Games In A Modern Online Casino

The number of games available in crypto-casinos and crypto-friendly casinos is vast. All the casinos we list provide over 2000 games from the hottest online casino software providers. Including NetEnt, Endorphina, NoLimit, BGaming, Amatic, Thunderkick and many more. As well as the hottest video slots, classic table games, live casino games with streamed live dealers offering 24/7 blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. As well as the modern casino games, you’ll also find some unique crypto-games which are exclusive to cryptocurrency. These games include dice games, like Bitcoin Dice and Satoshi Dice.

  • Bitcoin Dice / Satoshi Dice As a little history lesson, the first Bitcoin game-of-chance, was Bitcoin Dice, a provably fair game in which the player sets their odds and wagers against those odds. The concept was so simple that the game quickly grew in popularity in the Bitcoin community. The traditional BTC dice games can be played with many alt-coins. Just set your odds with the slider and a multiplier will be added to your win, every time you get lucky.
  • Bitcoin Keno Another game to be quick out of the gate in the crypto-gambling community was Keno. A fast paced game which fuses bingo and lottery in a simple and engaging game. Keno is popular in Scandinavia, Canada, and Australia. The traditional rules of Keno requires the player to choose between 3 and 10 numbers. The random number generator then pulls numbers at random and your winnings increase based on the number of matches you score.
  • Provably Fair Casinos We’ve come a long way since the beginning the first BTC block was mined, although it’s fair to say that blockchain technology is still someway away from maturity. While blockchain technologies are still embryonic and enjoying early signs of mass adoption, regulators and in particular, gambling regulators have made their move by putting restrictions in place to protect consumers. Following the early innovation of cryptocurrency’s online gambling games like Bitcoin dice, the question of fairness was answered in quite a surprising way. In the case of a traditional online casino. The fairness in the RNG (Random Number Generator), is managed through 3rd party audits and regulatory oversight. However, in the case of the early unregulated Bitcoin dice games, there didn’t exist such a fairness mechanism. Without any guarantee of randomness in the RNG, a ‘provably fair’ concept emerged to fill the gap. The ‘provably fair’ mechanism is enabled by the blockchain technology. The ‘provably fair’ blockchain innovation allows any player to cryptographically verify the RNG.

Is My Favourite Casino ‘Provably Fair’?

Caution: techie talk ahead… In order to verify whether the RNG is fair, the following occurs in the background.

  1. The game starts.
  2. The casino creates a seed value.
  3. The seed value is hashed and sent to the client (you).
  4. The RNG generates a random number (deals a hand, spins the wheel or rolls the dice).
  5. The hash is verified. Providing the hashes match then the wager was fair. This trust-less transparency makes crypto-casinos very attractive to savvy players and especially high rollers. 

Crypto Friendly vs Crypto Casino Games

You should be aware that not all games are crypto-casino games. However you can still earn a BTC deposit bonus and play on a regular, fiat money slot game. Usually this will display your wagers, wins and balance in fiat currency. You can expect pure crypto games to labelled by the casino.

It’s worth noting that an increasing number of casino game developers are making crypto the native currency denomination.

Bitcoin Casinos - The Original Crypto-Casino

For all it’s technical limitations, Bitcoin was the first blockchain technology to facilitate the secure store and transfer of value on a decentralised public ledger. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted crypto-currency and the same is true for online casinos.

Bitcoin (BTC) Casinos by far lead the way in the crypto-casino space, it’s leading the way for crypto-casino adoption. Today, innovative crypto-casinos players are exploring altcoins as deposit, withdrawal methods and even in some cases as the in-play demonination for the bet values.

Bitcoin Cash also accepted

As bitcoin grew in popularity, it soon became apparent that there were some issue. Transaction fees increased and transaction times began to slow down. It was due to these technical limitations that the original bitcoin blockchain was forked. This performance optimised version of Bitcoin became known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The new improved fork BCH, supported many more transations per second. Today Bitcoin Cash is widely accepted by online casinos along with it’s older cousin the original Bitcoin (BTC).

Ethereum Casinos

The second most popular blockchain is currently the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum was a hugh innovation to blockchain technology and enabled an entire ecosystem of distributed applications (DAPP) running on a technology known as smart contracts. These smart contracts verify the financial transactions (transfer of Eth). Not only is Etherium it’s own blockchain, it also enables the creation of new blockchains and crypto-currencies for the purpose of solving unique problems, built on DApps (Distributed applications). Etherium forms the base of many modern blockchain technologies.

Monero Casinos

Monero (XMR) is referred to as a privacy coin. It is a cyptocurrency which allows fast, anonynous financial transations based on the CryptoNote technology. Monero was launched in 2014 and has rapidly gained adoption due to it’s cryptographic approach to privacy. The identity of each user is protected by multiple signatures which ensure the address remains private. Naturally, this makes Monero very attractive to players who demand privacy and anonymity. However, it’s also quite disruptive for regulators and law enforcement wishing to track money laundering.

Ripple Casinos

Ripple (XRP) is often misunderstood due to it being endorsed and backed by the banks. To confuse matters more, Ripple is both a platform for verifying transations and crypto-currency. So it acts as both a store of value (crypto-currency) and an platform to enable fast, efficient international exchange between the banks. For these reasons, Ripple is perfectly suited to online casino transactions and is widely available as a deposit/withdrawal option at many online casinos and it’s adoption is growing rapidly.